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Some incredibly cute stamps XD

Milk Stamp by Kezzi-RoseNarnia Stamp by Kezzi-RoseOnigiri Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Panda Stamp by xXMandy20XxI Love Strawberries Stamp by Annorthasupport cute art stamp :3 by Sweet-DooDo
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Film Photography Stamp by Kezzi-RoseLove imagination stamp by Mel-Rosey




Cute?  by ChaoticDarkAngel

Base created by: :iconxxcandys-basesxx:…

Just a female version of my male AOT OC Jackson again ^.^

Meet My Son  by ChaoticDarkAngel
Meet My Son

Base created by: :iconeleanor-devil:

Background also isn't mine.

Just a base edit I made of a young Jackson and his mother Annabelle before she died and his first meeting with Erwin as well.



Name: Leo Ross
Gender: Male
Birth date: 10/25/91
Age: Twenty
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Status: Alive
Series Lifespan: Throughout
Family: Mother-Liana Ross/Deceased,
Father-Brycon Ross/Deceased
Former Home: Florida
Current Location: With Rick's group
Group Role: Supply runner with Glenn


[Brief description of what your character looks like]

Race: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye color: Light brown
Hair color: Black
Height: 175 cm (5"9)
Weight: 55 kg (124 lbs
Build: Normal build for a guy
Extra Anatomy:
Tattoos/Piercings: One ear pierced in his left
Preferred clothing: Sweatshirts, jackets over shirt and blue jeans

Long before the apocolypse had begun, Leo was always a very shy/timid individual to the point sociliazing made him feel literally sick to his stomach. He would only ever speak until spoken to. It's not that he was anti social, he really wanted to interract with other people and make a decent amount of friends yet the anxiety became too much for him to do so.

That was long ago however.

Now that he'd met up with Rick Grimes and his group of people, he noticed how he gradually began to be more open around others. His anxiety will still linger with him of course, it's not something that magically disappears over time but he realizes that there are worse things out in the world now rather than having a public conversation.

Strengths: Stealth, quick thinker, decent amount of strength and stamina
Weaknesses: Too soft (in the beginning of my story), impulsive, easily distracted
Goals: To keep his new family safe no matter what
Fears: Crossing over frozen rivers/streams after a nasty incident years ago, great heights
Habits: Licking his lips when nervous, stuttering
Quirks: Joking around even in a serious situation (in later chapters when he overcomes his talking phobia)
Talents: Stealth
Hobbies: Reading when he has time, knitting, fishing, learning new languages
Phobias: Fear of speaking in a large group, ice, hornets
Addictions: N/A
Other Ailments:


Verbosity: Normal
Vocabulary: Normal
Grammar: Decent
Dialect: English and learning Korean
Native Language: English
Other Languages: Korean (being taught some by Glenn when they have time), Spanish, some German

Level of Education: High School Graduate, gave college a try but dropped out
Former Job: [If applicable]


Episode 1: Days Gone By: In the beginning before he meets Rick, Leo is on the run with a family after his father was bitten by a walker and his mother long since missing assuming she is dead at this point. His first real interractions with major characters were Lori Grimes, Shane Walsh and Glenn Rhee

Episode 2: Guts: Leo helps Glenn get Rick out of the tank the cop was trapped in surrounding entirely by a sea of walkers. As the chapter continues he finds himself rubbed down in a chopped up man's guts along with Rick and Glenn attempting to get passed the walkers.

Episode 3: Tell It To The Frogs: Complications arise with Carol's abusive husband Ed and Leo finds himself in a problamatic situation.

Episode: 6 (skipped the others orz): The place they thought was a safe haven turns out to be a building about to go up in flames. Leo may make a choice that will hurt him and the others

Season 2: Chupbacabra: On the Greene family home hidden feelings begin to emerge between Leo and Glenn along with other complications.

Secrets: Leo and Glenn both have big secrets kept hidden from the group and could end with the group in major trouble


-Jacket over a blue shirt
-Blue ripped jeans
-Red, blood and mud covered shoes

-Pistol Shane had given him

-A decent amount of walkers
-Lori Grimes (he was there when she gives birth to Judith: Having to cut her stomach open above her C-section scar that ended horrendously)-accident


Glenn Rhee- Love interest. Leo and Glenn were close since the day they first met. Glenn was one of the many in Rick's group who tried to help him be more of himself, to not be afraid of sharing his own opinions on topic matters. They have their complications like everyone else, but manage to work things out in the end somehow

Lori Grimes: She had gradually grown to become a mother figure towards Leo as the story progressed. Although she had her imperfections, the dealing with Shane, Leo couldn't dislike her.

Brianna: A sweet little girl who was part of the family Leo had been traveling with before meeting the Atlanta group. After she lost her parents, little brother and older sister he and Glenn took on the role as her parentals developing a beautiful bond

Maggie Greene: Sisterly figure. Daughter of Hershel Green and older sister of Beth Greene. Although Maggie held strong feelings for Glenn as well, they grew to become quite close during their times on the farm.

Dale: Dale was the one person Leo cherished the most aside from Glenn and Lori. His death hit him the hardest having actually been there when it occurred.


I can say that Leo will not die in the story at all but if he had it would most likely be a mercy kill by either Glenn or Rick. He would be bitten by a walker or two, having his arm and leg nearly severed from his body as Glenn holds his bleeding frame whispering 'I love you' in a choked voice before shooting or stabbing him preventing Leo from becoming a walker.


-He does not know how to whistle
-Ran into a herd of walkers on the Greene farm when they got loose going on a major walker killing spree not before yelling 'Banzai!!'
-Can't stomach Merle Dixon period.
-Got punched in the nose by Carol's husband after he tried dragging Carol away from the group attempting to stop him
-Has a great fear of crossing ice rivers/streams after falling through thin ice whilst ice fishing
-Thinks of Carl as his little brother
-Knows how to knit (may or may not be included in the story: just something for fun)

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: S SID
  • Reading: Unbroken
  • Watching: The Walking Dead
  • Drinking: Diet Dr Pepper
Liesel Kang by ChaoticDarkAngel
Liesel Kang

Base by: :iconbase-xs:…
Cloud Texture:…

Name: Liesel Kang

Meaning: N/A

Nickname(s): N/a

Alias (if any): N/A

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species (If a Titan Shifter fill out that section; if not get rid of it or leave it blank):

Birthday: January 24th

Birthplace: Wall Maria, Shiganshina District

Current Residence: Survey Corps HQ

Sexual Orientation: Demisexual

Relationship Status: Taken

Language(s) spoken: English

Life-Long Dream: To live in peace with her brother and have a family of her own someday

Goal(s): Train harder and kill every last Titan on Earth

Like(s): Training, spending time with Jackson and her friends, Jean (Later on as the story progressed), Pressing flowers, Learning different languages/cultures

Dislike(s): Bullies, ignorance, cowards, long lectures, those who abuse their authority,

Bad Habit(s): Picking her teeth after a meal, daydreaming when someone's talking to her, speaking out of turn

Hobbies: Learning different languages and cultures, studying up on medicine,

Fear(s): Losing her brother or friends, being alone, the dark

Personality: Liesel is a very 'interesting' young woman. She's not afraid to speak her mind if she feels something isn't right, although it wasn't shown in my story-during Eren's trial as an example she spoke up in defense of him even if she was not to say a word. This resulted in Erwin scolding her soon after which she loathes people doing. Because of this, she often finds herself in certain situations ex with bullies as a child. She can be sassy at times, which tends to put some people off yet still has a good sense of humor despite the fact even when she tries to do the right thing it doesn't always go how she planned.

Height: 5"9

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair style (Always Down, Always Up, etc.): In braids some past her shoulders to keep from flying in her face while using her gear and such

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Light brown

Skin Tone: Dark

Body Shape/Build: Thin but not too thin and she does have some muscle in her arms
Birth Marks: One on her left shoulder
Scar(s): None

Memory (any issues with this?): No problems with her memory but it's not perfect. About the average persons

Sight (do you need glasses?): Decent vision yet has no need for glasses

Mental (Any problems? Example: depression): After the death of her mother, although like Jackson she does not show it on the outside Liesel was in a deep depression since the age of four at the most. She is not suicidal but isn't always as happy as she appears to be.

Physical (Do you take care of your body or harm it? Also include injuries): She trains quite hard even if she's on a break: Making sure incase of another Titan attack she does not get herself or her friends/comrades killed. As for injuries, after the battle with Reiner and Bertolt she did have a sprained leg and almost suffered a concussion

Sleep patterns (how you sleep and how much rest do you get?): Not as much as she'd like. About six hours

Allergies/Other: Bees and certain foods such as the typical peanut allergin and some medicines

Abilities/Statistics (1- lowly skilled, 10- highly skilled and tell why)-
3D Maneuvering Gear: 8/10: Due to her slightly smaller form Liesel is able to maneuver faster and holds more agility

Intelligence: 6/10

Martial Arts: 7/10: Like with Jackson, she wasn't excluded during their mother's training exercises. She's skilled with her fists yet not as much with her legs.

Battle Skill: 6/10

Agility: 8/10

Strategy:  5/10

Teamwork: 6/10

Passion: 10/10

Assist kills: Nine

Solo kills: Six

Team kills: Sixteen

Affiliation: Survey Corps
Former Affiliation:
Grad. Rank: Below the top ten
Status (Alive, Missing, etc.): Alive
(Optional) If anything but alive tell what happened:

Parent(s): Ralan Kang (deceased), Annabelle Kang (deceased)0
Sibling(s): Jackson Kang
Other Relative(s): Reina Kang-aunt (deceased)
Love Interest: Jean
Best Friend(s): Mikasa, Sasha, Connie, Armin, Christa
Friend(s): Eren, Ymir, Bertolt
Enemy(ies): Annie Leonhardt, Colossal Titan and Armored Titan
Hero(es): Hanji Zoe, Levi, Erwin
Rival(s): Hitch Drysie (Much later on)

Quote(s): "Cowardice won't save any of us. Stand and fight"


Coming Soon (Basically the same as Jackson's if you've read his profile in some ways)

OC Profile Sheet: alicecantbestopped.deviantart.…

Vampire Scenario
I put a rating on this for just in case matters ^^; Anywho! I used this particularly base as a reference of sorts for a one-shot collection series I have on my Ao3 account featuring some of my guy OC's. I'm getting back into vampires somewhat again after watching Dracula Untold for the umpteenth time XD Awesome movie if you haven't watched it.

So yeah.

And I think I got Tadashi Hamada's hair finally somewhat accurate :iconfinallyplz: X'3..I've spent at least an hour or more on this edit trying to make sure everything looked alright .///.

Base created by: :iconshadow-bases:…


ChaoticDarkAngel's Profile Picture

Artist | Literature
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Hello fellow DA users! My name is ChaoticDarkAngel...well it's just my username but you get what I mean XD I am a writer, blogger and roleplayer so if you want to rp with me please don't hesitate :3 But look at my page first, before you ask so you know what I like and dislike in a rp ^^ I'm okay with just about anything, but I do have limits still.

The things I love most are my family, friends, KPop, Jrock, anime/manga, Harry Potter, Twilight, Legend of Zelda, Jurassic Park and many others ^^

Favorite authors are Jk Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Michael Crichton, Stephen King...that's it for now. I have more but I can't remember them unfortunately ^^;

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Martin Luther King, Jr.
One who condones evils is just as guilty as the one who perpetrates it.

(More quotes will be added)

My Opinions :3

Guess what... by EngelchenYugi
I perfer both subs and dubs. by JigglyPuffGirl Not all characters are straight by CUTEYAOIFAN-SheyUnashamed Stamp: Music by KisayaMystUnashamed Stamp: TV Shows by KisayaMystUnashamed Stamp: Books by KisayaMystGrow Up by Vexic929 Different Opinions by Vexic929Fanon Shippers by KaDeanaShip Respect Avatar Stamp by MissMuneTwilight Stamp by MyLostFreedomNot What You Think (Pro-life) by SilentRisingSunAnti Canon Nazi Stamp by In-The-ZoneIt's Not Our Fault Stamp by wallawallabingbongDB: OCxCanon 3of3 by DarkJediPrincessDB: Ship War Free Zone 2of2 by DarkJediPrincessEqual support by Metadreamno offense, buuut why do you say this by ETrademarkkMulti-shipper stamp by MarmaladeYuuStamp: It's okay, be you by SoftysamaStamp: I Read BANNED Books by tranimation-artMusic Stamp by LightAnimauxDo not judge Stamp by Noirystamp - POPULARITYohnoez by eternalsaturnLiking Anime by StockingLuvdA stamp - Writing is art, too by Valen-san

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