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DA stamp - Roleplays 003 by tppgraphicsLoves to RP stamp by Marlin-Rae

My Roleplay Rules

-I like third POV (semi para or paragraphs) more then first pov

-Please don't ask me for shoutacon or lolicon! I love rping yaoi or shounen ai but not malexchild pairings please -__- I could do some straight pairings though I guess like NaruHina, EdWin and a few others

-I mainly do CanonxOC slash but like I said I could try canonxcanon or ocxoc if you want :3

-I tend to lose interest in rps a lot so if I haven't replied to you in...months I apologize in advanced ^^;

-Harry Potter, Naruto, Durarara, Code Geass, Tsubasa Chronicle, xxxHolic are the series I will rp at the current

-I don't rp Drarry, Dramione, NaruSaku, NaruSasu, Snarry, SnapeMione (whatever you call this ship), VoldeHarry, SakuIno, ShikaIno or anything like them. I have others but it's too long of a list ^^;

Some incredibly cute stamps XD

Milk Stamp by Kezzi-RoseNarnia Stamp by Kezzi-RoseOnigiri Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Panda Stamp by xXMandy20XxI Love Strawberries Stamp by Annorthasupport cute art stamp :3 by Sweet-DooDo
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Film Photography Stamp by Kezzi-Rose




Old Naruto Rpc by ChaoticDarkAngel
Old Naruto Rpc

An old Naruto rpc of mine ^^; I'll probably update her design a bit so...yeah.  

Texture in the background created by:…

Chibi Jackson by ChaoticDarkAngel
Chibi Jackson
Base created by :iconfreekissforall:

Just a reference drawing of my very first Attack on Titan rpc 'Jackson' ^0^ Created him sometime around April I think so this isn't a recent character. Unfortunately, I suck at drawing the uniform so you might just see him in his normal clothing for now anyway until I practice more at it ha ^^;

Short Bio

Character Name: Jackson Kang

Race: Spanish decent

Rank: Cadet *in an rp but in a story I've worked on he's a captain*

Bio: Jackson Kang lost everything the day the Colossal Titan destroyed Wall Maria.
    It was just a normal day at first, he was helping his mother prepare dinner when his father Adrian rushes in ordering them that they had to evacuate now as fast as they can. At first, Jackson didn't have a clue what was going on...until he looked to his right and his face turned ghost white seeing a Titan smiling widely into the kitchen window. A hungry look in it's eyes. Everything happened so fast: Adrian rushed his family out, but a Titan snatched him up in it's huge fist. Adrian screamed at Jackson to go, to protect his mother. Jackson with tears in his eyes wanted so badly to help his father, to save him but there was nothing he could do. Then there was a ear piercing scream and blood splattered on his face. Ever since that day of Shiganshina, Jackson has had a pure and utter hatred for Titans. He vowed to not run away anymore. To stand a fight instead of being a coward.

Note: This is his rp background, in the fanfic he's actually from Sina and lived his life homeless due to some unfortunate events

*Other info might be added but this is it for now*
Well just as I was concerned: Jessica Jung, one of my favorite members of Girls Generation has left SM. I had a feeling this day would come but it feels too soon...supposedly the company forced/made her choose between her fashion designing or being a member of GG. So many artists/idols leaving this company left and right and the lawsuits. Shinhwa were the first to file one, then Hangeng, TVXQ/JYJ issue, EXO/Kris *and now Luhan to though he wasn't one I particularly liked but I feel for the fans*.

A lot of things have happened in the KPop fandom recently and in real life as well.

Found out my cousin isn't going to make it much longer due to that damned cancer she's had for years, although I didn't see her a whole lot I'll still miss her terribly she was really cool to be around.

And I'm a little late on this but I also discovered another tragedy of Eunbi and RiSE of Ladies Code both dying from a terrible car crash. My condolnences to the fans and their families/friends...

So in other words.

2014 hasn't been the best year with so much going on...but I still try to make the best and hope next year will be fine ^^ That's all we can do right?

How's everyone been?
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PSD Four by ChaoticDarkAngel
PSD Four
My newest coloring psd attempt ^^ Free to use!

PS: Tell me if something's not working right? .///. I'm still new at these things so do let me know for any errors you might get ^^;


ChaoticDarkAngel's Profile Picture

Artist | Literature
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Hello fellow DA users! My name is ChaoticDarkAngel...well it's just my username but you get what I mean XD I am a writer, blogger and roleplayer so if you want to rp with me please don't hesitate :3 But look at my page first, before you ask so you know what I like and dislike in a rp ^^ I'm okay with just about anything, but I do have limits still.

The things I love most are my family, friends, KPop, Jrock, anime/manga, Harry Potter, Twilight, Legend of Zelda, Jurassic Park and many others ^^

Favorite authors are Jk Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Michael Crichton, Stephen King...that's it for now. I have more but I can't remember them unfortunately ^^;

No fighting allowed by Metadream

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Martin Luther King, Jr.
One who condones evils is just as guilty as the one who perpetrates it.

(More quotes will be added)

My Opinions :3

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